Your campus stores team is working hard to support the gradual resumption of on-campus activities. A critical component of this work is to ensure that sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is on hand to reduce the risk of shortages and minimize the need to stop activities due to insufficient PPE arriving from our suppliers once activities resume. Your campus stores team has placed an order for a six month supply of PPE that includes gloves, masks, glasses, protective headwear, protective clothing, cleaning supplies, and disinfectant. This order covers the needs of the entire university and accounts for increased usage due to the new measures. It will take some time for the complete order to arrive, but we expect delivery to start shortly. We will maintain this stockpile until the situation changes so that you can work safely and without worrying about getting the necessary PPE.

As part of the re-opening process, safety resources will work with colleges and researchers to ensure their safety plans and PPE needs are properly identified.

You are asked to only buy PPE from the campus stores listed below:

To ensure that critical operations continue to be supported with their PPE needs, the campus community is asked not to place orders for PPE until they are approved to resume their activities by the Pandemic Response Team (PRT). Any questions on the process to secure this approval should be directed to your Dean or Senior Leader. Thank you for your cooperation in making sure our community stays safe.

This will enable your stores team to ensure that sufficient PPE is on hand, control the quality of the items to ensure no forgeries/counterfeit items are used, and to control costs with the inflation that currently exists for these supplies. Suppliers are prioritizing institutional purchases and they are actively rationing the distribution of PPE, which means that individual orders are experiencing extremely long lead times. Should you source PPE outside of these campus stores, we will be unable to ensure you have access to the quality PPE that you need to work in this environment.

You can contact us via email at for PPE procurement requests, questions, and concerns.